Thursday, April 14, 2016

life by pictures

It is my youngest son's 15th birthday today.  We gave him a few simple gifts.  I made him a chocolate peanut butter cream pie (his recurring request) and we'll have tacos for dinner (also his request).  He's gone to wrestling practice for a few hours.  This is the life of a 15 year old with responsibilities and engagements.
He was born at 5:03 p.m. on a Saturday after just a couple hours of hard labor.  I requested a shot of Stadol and he was born 3 minutes after I received it.  I held him and sang to him. He was 7 lbs.  8 oz. and 20 inches long.  Now he is about 5'7" and 138 lbs!!
I have so much to catch up on here.  So many pictures to share!
One early Saturday morning I ventured out to get my grocery shopping done.  The sun had just come up and the sky was a pretty shade of pale pink.  I drove down to the marina and was met with this gorgeous picture.  The Olympic Mountains are in the background.

Blake has been practicing with our youth wrestling club now that the high school wrestling season is over.  Some of his friends are there and that makes it fun and gives him a way to expel energy.  He started with this club when he was  8 years old!

We took a drive down our island.  It is so pretty here.  Soooo pretty!  Here's the farmland on the central part of the island...

Sometimes we like French press coffee.  It is steamy and indulgent and rather photogenic in a teal mug.

The cherry tree is in full bloom.  And when the sun rises I can't resist a picture.  We were heading out the door to the airport to fly to Colorado the morning that I took this picture.  I think it was my moment to say goodbye to my yard and chickens.  It is, admittedly, not the best picture because I was rushing around but I still want to share it here.

If the rain lets up I'm hoping to plant the garden tomorrow.  I haven't even bought seeds or starters yet!!  I'm just now sitting down to draft a plan of what I even want to plant and where it's going to go.  Not too long and those first little baby plants will poke their heads through the soil that I've worked (with help from the chickens) all winter.

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