Sunday, April 17, 2016

the shooting competition

Before we left for Colorado, I got in some final cuddles with my puppy.  He's the best cuddler.  He lays warm and heavy wherever.
I love flying.  I love feeling the power of the jet engines at take off and the moment the plane leaves the ground.  I love seeing the earth from the vantage point of the sky.  I love being above the clouds.  I love how sunny it is up there and how it feels like you're at the limit of the sky, where the blue gets darker and there is nothing visible beyond. 

In Colorado we stayed with my sister and brother-in-law.  I'm so thankful to them for hosting us.  They made us feel right at home and even fed us dinners!  We're not able to be around family very often but when we are it makes me see that their worth is golden.  They are our tribe.
Austin was the best cousin and took the time to play with Arilynn.

This was our slick ride.  The leather seats with electric warmers were my favorite feature!

Being at the Olympic Training Center was nothing short of EPIC.  We were all at once honored to be there and humbled that we were able to be there.  Austin was one of 187 shooters from all over the country invited to attend the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships.

Check in day was a bit of a nightmare as we spent a total of 3 hours standing in lines in this gymnasium.  The registration line.  The rifle check.  The shooting gear checks.  In between a couple lines Austin was able to get in some practice on the range.  But it was a long day and we were exhausted by the end of it.

That is Pike's  Peak over the roof of the Training Center!!

The sculptures in front of the training center were really amazing!

Flags from every country that has participated in the Olympics lined the main walkways.  It was colorful and striking.

This sculpture was my very favorite.  It is called "Olympic Strength".  It depicts four athletes carrying the globe on their backs.  It was surprisingly realistic and evoked a sense of pride, a swelling of the heart.  In a world that is torn apart by politics and hatred, the Olympic Games is something that unites, if only for short periods of time.



My travel partner.  He's 17 now.

The final day of competition.  This was the top 8 in the finals.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Great job gentleman!! 

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