Thursday, August 6, 2015


We have one vehicle.  I'm thankful for it.  It's paid off.

We share that one vehicle between the four of us.  And the four of us, we all have different schedules.  And there is weight lifting with the football team, and rifle practice with the club, and yoga class, and fishing, and out with friends, and picking up someone else's work shift, and errands to run, and everybody works and someone even has two jobs.

It's a wee bit of a challenge sometimes.

This week our one vehicle broke down.

I'm thankful for our one vehicle.  I'm also thankful that we live in town and we all have bicycles.

While our vehicle was broke down we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  It was like no other!  We rode our bikes downtown and ate at a little Italian joint called Rustica.  We ordered three different appetizers to share between the two of us and called that our meal.

Scallops with pesto and a smear of some fancy creamy sauce that was delicious.

Bruschetta with goat cheese, pork tenderloin, and fabulous onions with a balsamic drizzle.  This was our favorite!

Local Penn Cove mussels in a tomato-yellow pepper-garlic broth.  Very tasty.

After dinner at Rustica we rode our bikes down to the waterfront, spied jellyfish in the water, rode on the boardwalk, and back through town to Baskin Robbins where we each got a double scoop ice cream in a waffle cone.

And our vehicle?  My clever and determined husband called around to some mechanics, did some online research, and called parts stores.  What would have been close to $1200 to have done at a repair shop cost us just a couple hundred dollars for Aaron to do in our driveway.  He'd never fixed a transmission problem before but he did it.  I'm pretty proud.

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