Saturday, August 1, 2015

a study of sunflowers

So sweet! Love this "You Are My Sunshine" artwork.
Helianthus, the sunflower
helios = sun
anthos = flower
This rust colored beauty has captured my attention.  I've never seen a flower this color.  I love the way it shimmers in the sunlight.



This is my garden (the neighbor's house in the background).  The entire fence is lined with sunflowers.  When standing in the garden, one must duck and veer to avoid the bees that adore the plentiful pollen of the flowers.  The bees are so preoccupied that they've not bothered with me.  The mosquitoes, on the other hand...

Do This - Cute way to write out a favorite quote -- glob of watercolor behind it and frame! Cheap DIY art

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