Sunday, August 23, 2015

but it is beautiful

I wander my garden on a daily basis.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  Sometimes at night under the light of the moon.  I'm infatuated.
It is such a pleasure to have this little patch of earth that I truly feel I can call "mine".  It's not huge.  It's not tidy.  It's full of unexpected things.  Not everything has worked.  But it is beautiful.  And I guess that is how my life is too.  Isn't that a profound thought!?  I'm learning life lessons from my little garden.


The leaf of the sunflower captures the sun just right.

Delicate tomato blossoms


Football practice started this week.  Blake has been doing some weight training and conditioning with the team all summer but the real deal was this week.  High school football.  Oh boy.  Just two and a half more weeks till the first day of school!

Austin has started practicing precision rifle which brings with it a higher level of competition.  He gets to shoot a more expensive rifle and is required to wear heavy leather pants and jacket, and boots for stability.  He's only been practicing precision for a month and has already beat his personal best.  His goal for the year is to make it to Nationals again.

The following are not my flowers.  I took these pictures on an excursion we went on last week and I just thought they were so pretty....

As the air takes on a certain crispness and the light fades more quickly each evening, I prepare for the shift, the certain changes that Autumn will bring.  Our schedules will change, our focuses will change, the demands will change, and whatever decides it's going to go and change without letting me know will most certainly change.  And because of that fact I am all the more thankful that the Lord hears my prayers.

My sister will have surgery tomorrow.  And a biopsy.  And I pray.  I will be flying down to help her in her recovery.  To cook food.  To hang out with my nephew.  To tell jokes or to not.  And still I pray.  I pray that the surgery will be fully successful and as routine as possible.  I pray that cancer will not be a thing we even have to worry about.  I pray for a speedy recovery.  I pray that I would be some sort of comfort.  Even, I pray for my own little family as I'm away.

Life:   It's not tidy.  It's full of unexpected things.  Not everything has worked.  But it is beautiful.

It is beautiful.


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