Thursday, April 30, 2015

sunshine spontaneity and miscellany

Sometimes the sun falls in such a way, the warmth of it and the fleetingness of it in springtime, that a soul must embrace spontaneity and thus embrace the sunshine.  And in the spontaneity there is a remembrance of how wonderful it is to just be, to not have a list of tasks to complete, a schedule to adhere to, just sunshine and an open afternoon, and family.

The waterfront in Coupeville, Washington

We drove to Coupeville and got ice cream cones, eating them while walking out on the pier.  The sunshine was perfect.  The water was perfect.  And it almost felt as if we had the whole place to ourselves.

Austin drove us over to Fort Casey on the west side of the island where it is a lot windier  but still beautiful.  It's an interesting place to capture pictures.

I finished reading "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller.  The book felt like having a conversation with an acquaintance, observations from a young life. These are a few of the notes I took as I read, things that struck a chord with me:

I am a tree in a story about a forest.
The story of the forest is better than the story of the tree.
One person's story has the power to affect a million others.
I wonder how much it costs to be rich in friends and how many years and stories and scenes it takes to make a rich life happen, something that leaves a beautiful feeling as the credits roll.

A funny story:
When I went to collect eggs I found a little blue fuse (like that from a car), in the nesting box.  My first thought was that one of the girls had eaten it but it was entirely too big and far to clean to have been excreted.  Second thought (and the most likely) was that one of them had found a shiny treasure and wanted to keep it safe.  Isn't that just like girl, desiring to decorate her nest?
Everyday is made magical when greeted with this sight:

The End.

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