Sunday, April 26, 2015

an album of adventure

"I have a hankering,"  she said.  And when a friend says something like this, you listen.

The hankering, as it turns out, was for a day trip to a little town nearby.  We'd ride the ferry!  We'd have adventures!  We'd be real friends!

And we did.  And we were.

And it was such a great day, the kind of day that you judge other great days by.

No great day is complete without a giant octopus made out of small stones.
Or posing as Vanna White in front of a giant octopus made out of small stones.

We saw a REAL giant octopus too!
We walked around town.  We climbed random stairs.  We took lots of pictures.
We are both partial to the letter "E".

And when we'd had our fill of town we drove to a placed called Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains.  Best decision of the day. 

We were both so in awe of God's creation as we gained altitude up into the mountains.  And we agreed that the beauty we were so captivated by is just a fraction of what Heaven will be like.  I'm thankful for a friend that loves the Lord, that encourages faith in me as I encourage faith in her without pretentions or false airs.

I did not see one snowflake fall on our island this winter.  So the both of us were pretty excited to be up in the snow!

And my friend?  Well, she pretty much poses like a model.


We drove slowly on the way back down the mountain so as not to miss one thing.  And a little bit because the road was very curvy and there were no guardrails.  There were deer, so many deer.  And we stopped to explore this series of three tunnels.

We shouted into the first of the tunnels, surprised by the expert echoing it performed.

There's something to be said about kindred spirits, about friends that allow you to be yourself and love you just for who you are.  It's ok to be silly.  It's ok to be serious.  It's ok to sing Whitney Houston.

We went from the top of the world to sea level.  And we got there right at sunset.

She had the snow in her shoes and the sand between her toes all in one day.

On the ferry ride back home we ventured out on the deck to try to catch a glimpse of the International Space Station that the captain had announced would be flying directly over us.  We waited along with a handful or so passengers and crew members, staring into the night sky.
We did get to see it and it was one of the more memorable parts of the day.  Just a bright light in the sky, moving smoothly overhead.  But we knew there were people on there flying outside of Earth's atmosphere and for those few moments we felt as if we were part of space too.
Then there was the part where we were invited onto the bridge of the ferry and given a tour. 

 It was a memorable adventure, this day with this girl.  And I will not soon forget it.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. - Helen Keller. :: Daring Adventure Word Art By Ali Edwards (click through to download your own copy)

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  1. You two are adorable together. I found myself smiling as I read your post and looked at the photos. What a great time you had!