Wednesday, March 18, 2015

of wrestling

In wrestling you have many opponents but the toughest opponent you will face is yourself.

It is amazing to watch my son wrestle.  He exhibits great control over not only his own movements but also over his opponent.  I liken it to watching a constrictor snake and it's prey.  The movements are sometimes slow and steady but always purposeful.

I've gained great respect for the sport of wrestling over the last five years as I've watched my son grow as a wrestler.  It's not a game.  It's not even a show of dominance over another person.  It's learning to overcome your own weaknesses.  It's learning patience with yourself.  It's building tenacity.

While wrestling is a very individual sport, it builds camaraderie between athletes.  Blake has built lasting relationships with his teammates.  They practice together.  The condition together.  They suffer losses together.  They celebrate victories together.  And the bond is tight.

Yesterday, at the last wrestling meet of the regular season, Blake wrestled two matches.  The second of the two had him wrestling one of his own teammates.  His opponent, "Z", is also his friend.  Before the match they were together, smiling and joking.  When it came time to step on the mat both got serious.  And they wrestled hard all three rounds.  Blake won by points.  The ref raised Blake's hand in victory then the boys smiled and hugged.  They continued to congratulate each other as they walked off the mat, giving high-fives, and hugging again.  That is camaraderie.

Anyway, to say I'm so proud of my boy is an understatement.  His strength and skill astound me.  The confidence he has gained is balanced by a true humility.  And he's handsome.  Maybe that's the mom in me talking.

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  1. I'm totally with you on this one. Rich did the awards ceremony for our team last week. He had a story to tell of each wrestler...we all laughed and even shed a tear or two, as they said thank you and good bye to Jacob (our oldest son) who is a senior this year. (there is a pic of the team on my blog)

    I have to be honest with you, it does break my heart to watch my boy(s) get beat! :)
    SO glad your Blake has this wonderful experience. I just loved reading about his match.