Thursday, March 5, 2015

living well in my skin

I can be critical.  Sizing someone up, passing judgment, and moving on.  Women can be quite competitive with each other, if you didn't already know that.  Maybe it's our animalistic nature.  Maybe it's just ugliness in our hearts.

As we compare ourselves to those around us we can either measure up or we can fall short.  But whose measuring stick are we using?  Who are we to decide if we're better or worse, prettier or uglier, more successful or not? 

As my years progress I learn this lesson more deeply.  I've become a woman comfortable in my own skin.  Some days this is easier than others.  Some days I can accept my flaws and imperfections as beautiful and unique and wonderful and other days I just can't.  It is a daily journey, this one of accepting.

In learning to accept myself, I learn to accept those around me.  It's not ok to view the women in my life as competition.  Rather, they are to be viewed as beautiful human beings that have beautiful things to offer.  They have shadows much like myself, strengths and weaknesses, but we can come alongside each other and learn from each other.

So in thinking about this topic I listed in my notebook all the beautiful women I know and the qualities they possess that I admire, that make them stand out in my mind.  I feel so blessed that I get to intermingle with individuals such as this.

Here are some of the qualities that I get to be surrounded by:
  1. genuine compassion
  2. calm serenity
  3. enthusiasm for life
  4. great value in friendships
  5. quiet strength
  6. confidence
  7. bravery
  8. serenity
  9. strong
  10. fervor
  11. passion
  12. hospitality
  13. love for others
  14. grace
  15. wisdom
  16. love for God
  17. using talents for God
  18. timeless beauty
  19. childlike enthusiasm
  20. honesty
  21. purity
Are you jealous of the greatness in my life?  Don't be.  You might be one of them.  Chances are, you are.

To live well in your own skin there are some things that are important to take note of.  And because I love myself some lists, I have a list to share.  I came across a list somewhere in the depths of Pinterest.  It was my recipe when making the list I'm sharing here.  A dash of this, a sprinkle of that, it's my blog, I get to do that.

Live Well

~Become comfortable with silence.  Every quiet void does not have to be filled with conversation or noise.  Just accept the silence.

~Become comfortable in your own company (without the crutch of technology).  Just be you, with you.  You can be pretty cool if you give yourself a chance.

~Treat yourself with respect.

~Speak with confidence.  Sometimes this means not speaking at all.  But knowing when to speak and doing so with confidence, speaks volumes.

~Tactfully walk away from conversations that are going nowhere.

~Celebrate each year you are given rather than hating getting older.  Revel in your wiser self.

~Find a career or a passion that you fall madly in love with.

~Stop trying to impress others.  Let them love you for what you have to offer naturally or let them not.

~Be an insatiable sponge for knowledge.  Read, watch documentaries, study, observe.

~Never speak negatively about yourself to others.

~Give of your time and talents, not to gain recognition, but because you have something to contribute.

~Maintain an air of mystery.  It is important to be open and honest but there are some details that it's ok to keep private.

~Revel in imperfection.  Confidence comes in owning your unique look, talent, age, and personality.

~Stop apologizing.  While if, indeed, you wish to apologize, do so then move forward.

~Feed the fire of passion that fuels action.  Strive toward excellence.

When you are comfortable in your own skin you are free to live wonderful moments, see opportunities, and experience relationships that were stifled before.  You will have a self built on authenticity and that's a beautiful possession.

Live with intention, and awareness. Anytime a behavior becomes habit, question its nature. If you are conscious of the behavior patterns you are setting, they are more likely to be good ones. :)

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