Sunday, September 28, 2014

three things

Last week offered to me three things I wanted to share.
#1   On a quick trip into Walgreen's my stomach began to beg for a snack.  I picked up a little bag of pretzels and a bottle of Argo tea (green tea ginger twist).  This tea was SO good.  Seriously tasty and perfectly sweet.  The company sells this flavor in loose leaf as well, something I'd like to try.  What else can I say about this tea other than, you should try it, if you can find it. 
#2   One morning when I was out to tend to my chickens, this sunrise greeted me.  It's always so surprising how quickly the sun moves through the morning sky.  One moment the sky is dark, then the red grows and grows, filling the air with a pink hope, red fades to orange and darkness gives way to light.

#3   I attended a ladies' conference, the ninth consecutive year I've been able to be there.  The theme this year was "An Instrument In His Hands".  Oh the parallels that are evidenced between a musician and his instrument and a yielded Christian in the hands of God!  I took lots of notes that will hopefully make their way here to my blog soon. 
Anyway, for the conference, we had a small orchestra  that I was honored to be a part of.  So. Much. Fun.  !!!  I don't often get the chance to play music in a group.  We met early to practice and all agreed  we could have stayed all night just making music together.  I even proclaimed, "I've found my people!"  Yes, I'm corny.  I've come to terms with it.
So...picture proof.  I'm in the middle. 

What you can't tell from the picture is that the girl sitting in front of me was playing....a cello.  Sigh.  The poor girl had to put up with my swooning over her instrument.  I asked her if it'd be ok if I maybe could play her cello, or just sit with it, or at least just touch it.  She let me do all three!!!  And I'm not even joking when I say it was a highlight of my year.  I was moved by the voice of the cello, my heart stirred as the vibrations passed from the instrument to me.  And I held back the tears of joy that wanted to pour forth.  I love the cello.  The desire of my heart is that God will allow one to come into my life.

P.S.  Another fun memory from the conference weekend.... sitting in a Denny's at 11:30 at night eating a Grand Slam breakfast of sausage, pancakes (with melty butter and drizzly syrup), hashbrowns, and fried eggs.  Good old fashioned comfort food and great company.  Both are heartwarmers. 


  1. Three wonderful things! I'll let you know if I can find the tea, it sounds delicious. The glowing-yellow sunrise is dazzling and I love the tree branches framing the picture. The orchestra picture is awesome! You were sitting next to an old lady-violist I LOVE IT!! You're so right about the cello, the music from those strings touches a chord in the heart as well....... keep on playing, friend!!

  2. Eli, it was such a blessing to see you! I thoroughly enjoyed the orchestra. All the conferences are great but this was the best yet. I will be in touch. Connie