Monday, September 22, 2014


listening to... recently, I've been listening to a lot of cello music on YouTube and Pandora.  My heart adores the cello although I've never played.  There is a breathy sound that resonates in the recordings and I've not been able to tell if that is the bow, the hands as they change place, or the breathing of the cellist.  Anyone know?

eating...  Where I work we sell smoked salmon and today I was able to bring some home.  I've been snacking on that and giving samples to my Charlie-pup.  He approves.

from the kitchen... a loaf of pumpkin bread is in the oven.  For dinner we are having a build your own omelet bar.

drinking...  a sweet lady gifted me a bag of pumpkin spice coffee.  I brewed it this morning and enjoyed a hot cup and turned the leftovers into an iced coffee this afternoon.  It's great both ways.

wearing... boot cut Levi's, a sheer blue top with a lavender tank top underneath

thankful for...   After Silas passed away so suddenly on Friday, we were treated with much kindness and sincerity at our veterinary office.  The next day we received a pretty flower arrangement delivery from them.  And today a handwritten note of condolences came in the mail.  I'm thankful for those acts of kindness.

reading...  The Giver by Lois Lowry


feeling...  This week already has me beat and it's only Monday.   But to see the good in things: I am looking forward to a lunch date with my youngest son this week and a small trip out of town to a Ladies' Conference.

around the house...  I see memories of Silas and miss him in the voids.

thinking...  I've come to realize that I'm a fixer.  If somebody is hurt I try to give a remedy.  If someone is sad I try to help them see the silver lining.  If someone confides in me I give advice.  Well, I just realized that nobody needs my fixing.  Sometimes, most of the times, those somebodies in my life, just need my ear, my heart, and my attention.  I just need to listen and not jump to the fixing.  While it is a strength I think I have (when used properly and timely), it also becomes a weakness.  It's important to be mindful of hearing the heart.



  1. That last quote convicted me. I do that. I have to call 10 ladies every week as a CBS core group leader and I'm so anxious to be a good conversationalist that I place more importance on my own replies. Pray for me.
    When I read these posts of yours it feels like a good visit with a friend.
    I feel sad about your Silas. :(
    Grace has that book, I'll have to pick it up and read it. I've heard the new movie is good, too.

  2. Sorry about your loss! A sad time for you all. LOVE the quote! Very convicting!!!!