Friday, February 26, 2016

about me and current events

My favorite color..... gray..I know, it's not a color.  Nevertheless.

My favorite cartoon character.....  Pluto (Mickey's dog) and Garfield

My favorite sport.....  I have always liked watching figure skating.  I used to watch boxing with my dad, and Nascar (Daryl Waltrip was my driver).  Currently I love watching my son wrestle and my other son shoot.

My favorite flavor of cake.....  chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

If I had to eat only one food for the rest of my life.....  spaghetti with homemade meat sauce

The thing I'm really good at..... worrying.  For reals.  I'm so good at this that I just do it all the time.

I love to.....  come home, put on my pajamas and be with my family.

The best song to dance to is.....  Stevie Wonder's Superstition.  This one gets me every time.

This summer I want to..... take lots of time off work and hang out with my kids

The best super power to have.....  flying.  Or being in two places at once.  Or invisibility.  Or being able to carry a conversation through the awkward small talk phase and into the deeper connecting phase without wanting to sink into the floor.

I want to learn.....  when I have the opportunity, I'd like to take a creative writing course and an art class at our community college.

I wish.....  that the current storm of racial division in our country was a non-issue and everyone could just love each other as members of the human race, not in an attempt to diminish the rich history of any given race but to acknowledge the equality of our very souls.


Last weekend Blake got to spend a few days at the Washington State Wrestling Tournament.  He went as an alternate and, while he didn't have the opportunity to compete, he did get to practice in the Tacoma Dome and stay in a hotel and hang out with his coaches and teammates and observe the high level of competition.  Now that the high school wrestling season is over he is participating in the youth wrestling club and helping out with the middle school wrestling team.

Austin was able to go to our state capitol and participate in the presentation of the colors before the daily legislative session.  They toured the capitol building and met some officials.  All in all, a pretty cool day.

Tomorrow will be the last JROTC competition of the year.  Austin gets to be the commander of our school's color guard!  It'll be the last time I watch him shoot a competition until April when we go to Colorado!  Great news about our trip to the Junior Olympic Shooting Championships: the plane tickets were gifted to us by a some very sweet individuals!!!!!!!  Thank YOU!!  And so many others have donated money for the trip, even one lady that we don't even know!  This has already been a great experience and we haven't left home yet.  Folks should always try to support and encourage each other because it is an awesome feeling to be supported and encouraged.

Here we are at the Regional Wrestling Tournament a couple weeks ago....

That's all for now!

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  1. always enjoy your posts. Hope you are having a lovely Saturday. ~Shanda