Wednesday, February 10, 2016

yesterday's beach and others

We have had a couple of really beautiful days here and it serves to remind me that Spring is coming!!  For real.  And I couldn't be happier.  I spent some time working in the yard yesterday then took my Charlie dog to the beach.  It was a really awesome day.  Today has been pretty dark with rain.  And I worked and their was no beach.  Meh.
Recently this happened:

Blake's wrestling team received an award from the area officials (referees) for their sportsmanship and general awesomeness (actually, I forgot what all the accolades were).  This award coincided with Senior night and their last home match of the season.  We are in the post season now and Blake is headed to Regionals this weekend.  He's doing great!!
I took this pretty picture of a visiting squirrel and 4 of my chickens in the background: 

I'm rereading The Book Thief.  Oh. My. Stars.  I love this book.  This is the kind of book that makes me stop reading just to soak in what I just read and sometimes, I'll just reread a line or a paragraph because it was so beautifully written that once through is not enough.

Like this:

Oh how the clouds stumbled in and assembled in the sky.
Great obese clouds.
Dark and plump.
Bumping into each other.  Apologizing.  Moving on and finding room.

Sometimes I wear my dog like a fur scarf around my neck.  And he sleeps because he knows I love it.
So, the beach yesterday.... was every bit of beautiful that a beach could ever be on a sunny day in early February. I took so many pictures that I really had to rake through and pick just the best to share here.  These are all unedited because Whidbey Island is really that beautiful.

I love the contradictions in this picture...

The following pictures are highly edited and really capture my dog and I in our sincerest model form.  Who doesn't go to the beach and take selfies with their dog?  Not this girl!

Happy birthday to my brother Mike today!

Until next time,


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  1. When I come, I want to go to all those places and have highly edited selfies with my sister and her dog!