Sunday, October 26, 2014

life living

There was a lot of life living around here this past week.  It was busy and full and that's just how it goes sometimes.  I prefer the quiet, lazy life but, I also understand that there is this great wonderful adventure that needs living and sometimes I just have to force myself to go out and live it.
Early in the week we took a second trip to the pumpkin patch.  The whole family sat at the table together and carved the pumpkins that now decorate our front step.  We don't normally carve pumpkins.  We have in the past.  And we have not.  And sometimes we have painted them.  This year was our best carvings ever.  We were really feeling it I guess.
We also had a new roof and gutters put on our house this week.  It was a loud, messy process.  The poor roofers had to work in the rain most days, but the finished product looks so nice!  I'll try to remember to get some before and after pictures up here.  I'm just so pleased with the transformation in the outside of our place.  As most homeowners can attest, it is a work in progress that is never really complete.
My husband's birthday was this week as well.  I made him this gorgeous carrot cake.  It's ok that I call my own cake gorgeous, right?  Well, I was mighty pleased with it.  AND, it was delicious.  It was fully devoured by the next day.

I took myself to our high school's choir concert on Thursday, it was a cheap solo date.  I sat in awe of the talented kids and their wonderful director.  Since I was alone there was no one to notice the tears that snuck down my face during their beautiful final song.  I brushed them away quickly but my heart was deeply moved.
My Austin shoots with his school's rifle team.  This is his second year on the team and it's something that he really digs.  Over the weekend we went to a competition in West Seattle.  It was neat to see the range and be a part of the atmosphere.  It's not the most exciting sport to watch because the targets are so far away that unless you have a scope or binoculars, you can't really see how well a shooter is shooting.  But to watch them prepare a shot, to be still in mind and body, is a pretty impressive sight to see.
This picture shows the range and a group of shooters preparing for their next position. 

Here is Austin, the second from the left, in prone position.  His call sign is "Ranger", it's the name his coach has dubbed him. 

The shooting range we were in is below the West Seattle Stadium.  This really meant nothing to me until we got there.  History and character reverberated from the stands.  I snuck away for a bit and captured a few pictures.

The wooden stands were built in 1936 and seat 800.

Beyond the track, the city of Seattle is visible.  The tall black building to the left is the Columbia Tower, it is the tallest building in the state of Washington standing at 943 feet with 76 stories above ground and 7 stories below ground.

Blake had a football game on Saturday in the middle of the strongest downpour we've had all year.  I missed the first half on account of being in Seattle but was able to join my husband in the stands a few minutes into the 3rd quarter.  The boys were clearly having a great time.  The rain fell, the field was slippery, the cheerleaders were soaked, most of the crowd gave up on their umbrellas because the wind was so strong.  During a moment between plays and while Blake was on the sidelines, he looked up in the stands.  His face lit up when he saw me there, as we both didn't think I'd be able to come.  It was a great moment for my mom heart.  All in one day I had been able to support both of my boys in the things that they love.  Good stuff.
Today in church we had a Bluegrass gospel duo, The Cooper Brothers.  These guys are great musicians. I was honored to get some one on one fiddling coaching by Jeffrey.   Jonathan even fixed our squeaky piano pedal and gave it a great tuning.  The whole thing just fires me up to get on with my violin, to seek out some techniques and challenge myself out of my comfort zone.  So, thanks to Jeffrey and Jonathan, for your inspiration.
Follow this link to hear the guys playing and singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot.  This was not recorded at our church but it gives a good feel for their bluegrass capabilities.
And have a great new week!

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