Monday, June 17, 2013

the tomboy in me

At the end of a very long week I woke up and it was my birthday.  Responsibilities would not let me spend the entire day in bed as I had wanted.  My exhaustion had me functioning on the level just above zombie but it was still my birthday and there is always that special place in a person's heart for the day that is all their own.

My boys made me a cake.  Chocolate cake with a little help from Betty Crocker, lovingly frosted by youngest son.  They even sang to me.  Sigh.

We spent the evening at the Speedway.  Awesomeness!!  Deep down, I'm a tomboy.  I just love the rumble of an engine and the dirt that flies off the track when the cars speed by!  The tickets were free which pleased the sensible side of me but we spent our fair share of dollars at the concessions; popcorn, huge soda to share, 3 ft long licorice.

This guy was serious about his racing.  Notice the folding stadium chair, the racing magazines, the ski goggles (for dirt), and the lucky race t-shirt.

Across the racetrack was a beautiful sunset that kept drawing my eyes and attention away from the excitement.  I couldn't help but to train my lens on the sight.

The racing was seriously exciting, the competitive parts, the spin-out parts, the tire flying off parts.  And the best of all was the demolition derby.  I could seriously watch that every day! (told ya I was a tomboy!)

The demo winner, he was able to drive off the track, with only three wheels and a bit of smoke.

So, I'm 35 now, staring down a new year that already promises a lot of changes.  Again, I'm thankful for the years I've been given, the life that I've been blessed with, the trials that shape me.  I'm thinking I'm like that derby truck, beat up, rolling on three wheels, but still rolling.  : ) 


  1. Happy Birthday to you.
    Hopefully the promised changes will be good changes in your next year. Glad you had fun at the speedway..and the cake, very sweet. :)

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet friend! The cake is so precious!
    Glad you had a good time at the speedway. There is a track in our town but we have never gone.....
    hope you have a great day!