Saturday, June 1, 2013


A bright spot in my day was trying for the first time this little treat called a "beignet" (pronouned bay-net).  A co-worker is from New Orleans (he says "Newawluns") and beignets are a common deal there, served with coffee.  Imagine, if you will, deep fried golden crescents of dough, shaken in a paper bag of powdered sugar, and eaten while still warm.  Oh, they just melt in your mouth!  I'm hooked.

Most of this Saturday was spent at work, a typical Saturday.  Husband is also working.  The boys devoted this day to their weekly quizzes for school.  I left them with some chores too, some dishes, some sweeping, that kind of thing.  They are pretty good at helping out once schoolwork is complete.

The rest of the afternoon I'll be giving haircuts, correcting and grading quizzes, recording the week's grades, preparing food for our afternoon meal at church tomorrow, and making my family dinner (cajun pasta carbonara).  Then sometime, after all that is over, I shall rest.

Have you thought to thank God today?  He is gracious with blessings that we so easily dismiss.  The very breath in our lungs comes from Him.  Thank you Lord, for health, for the love my family shares, for a home, for your mercy.  Allow me to serve you with what you've given me.


  1. a simply lovely new spot for my bloggy friend. Thank you for continuing to share your life and thoughts. Blessings to you on this new week!

  2. So...I'm over here now too! :) I've been wanting to. I started a blog a year ago but never made the switch. Now that everyone else started moving, I was motivated.

    I love your new background and header picture.

    1. Hi Liz!! Glad to know I can keep in touch with you!