Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kauai album part 4

Day 5

This day we went tubing down irrigation canals on the old Lihue Sugar Plantation.  We tubed through hand dug tunnels and flumes in the 17,000 acre property.  The water is fed by the rain waters that fall on Mount Waialeale, one of the wettest spots in the world.  There was a chill to the water but it was not unpleasant.

As we exited the last tunnel, the rain was falling.   Big fat rain drops.  But they were warm and the air was warm and it just felt like we were in the middle of a jungle in paradise.

All of the following pictures were taken by staff of Kauai Backcountry Adventures.

Waialeale Crater

The group.  Yours truly front-right
Blake third back on right
Austin second back on left
Aaron 4th back on left.
Front and center: our guide, Chelsea.

This was when we were getting rained can see the drops in the water.

The last leg of the journey Blake got out and waded.

It was a great adventure and a really great way to get to see a part of Kauai that many don't get to see.

That afternoon we did a little more shopping.  There was this really pretty little shopping center nearby to the house we stayed in that we visited quite a few times during the week.  On this particular visit I tried an affogato for the first time.  I didn't love it.  I don't love all the whipped cream that made it so pretty.  I think I'd love it simplified and probably made at home.

Espresso shots poured over ice cream, topped with whipped cream and garnished with a chocolate covered waffle cone triangle.
Scenery behind the shopping center.

A tiny leaf resting on a giant leaf.  The beauty was not lost on me.

The evening of day 5 we grilled up some steak and some bacon wrapped shrimp and turned it all into fajitas.

After dark, Aaron and I drove down to the beach to see the stars.  They are so bright and plentiful when you get to the edge of the world like that.  We watched the moon set over the horizon and listened to the Pacific Ocean roll in on nighttime waves.

Day 6

We woke with the roosters every morning of our stay.  The entire island is filled with a chorus of roosters at the earliest hint of dawn and they continue for about an hour before calming down.

This morning was a lazy, relaxing start.  I sat outside with my coffee and the plumeria and enjoyed the warm sun and the fresh day.

The rest of the day was also pretty chill and relaxing.  We drove to Kapaa and visited Ironbridge Tattoo.  I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Some of the family went to the beach and did some snorkeling.  They met up with turtles, seals, an eagle ray, a puffer fish, and the rest of the cast of Finding Nemo (minus Bruce).

That evening we had huge plates of nachos at "home".

Stay tuned for one more installment of Kauai where I try to fit in the last three days in paradise.

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