Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kauai album part 2

Day 4

Early in the morning I headed to an outdoor yoga class at a nearby resort.  I had packed my mat in our checked bag so it made it easy to unroll it and feel right at home in a new "studio".  That morning started a little drizzly so a few of the poses were done in a warm Kauai rain but by the end of our practice the sun was bright and warm.  It was fun to practice with folks from Portland, Los Angeles, and British Columbia.  And practicing the Tree Pose with tall swaying palm trees was pretty magnificent.

The whole family (extended family included) drove toward Waimea to see the canyon.  First stop was at Spouting Horn (the Old Faithful of Kauai) where a large hole in the lava rock beside the ocean creates a blowhole with each big wave.  There were some open air shops set up here and I came across this rooster getting a drink in the shade.  We came back a few days later and I bought a dainty little pineapple necklace that had caught my eye.

Back on the road and we stopped in Hanapepe to see a swinging bridge I had seen in a tourist magazine.  The bridge spans the Hanapepe River and was pretty exciting to cross as it does sway and bounce around.
From the bridge, looking east...

Looking west...

Looking back to the bridge...

The drive up to Waimea Canyon was marked with climate changes.  As we climbed elevation we noticed changes in the vegetation, a marked decrease in temperature, and even a torrential downpour!  When we got to the top, we were not surprised to see more chickens!
Waimea Canyon is likened to the Grand Canyon.  I've been to the latter and can truly see the resemblance, although here in Kauai it was much greener.  For such a small island, it was breathtaking to see the gigantic expanse of this canyon.


We drove back down to Waimea and had "the best bbq" on Kauai that turned out to not be the best bbq on Kauai and the only coffee place was closed.  So....
Tune in next time for details from the luau.


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  1. It is so pretty. I just love how the chickens stroll around freely. What an awesome adventure!!