Saturday, September 17, 2016

where I share: a few of my favorites and leopard print

~Favorite coffees~

*Best roaster:  San Juan Roasters (it's an hour ferry ride away but SOOO good!).  Hurricane Coffee in Sequim, Washington is also a very delicious choice (also a ferry ride away).

*Ordering from a coffee shop:  Vanilla Americano with cream (hot or iced depending on the weather)
My favorite coffee shop is Whidbey Coffee.  There are two locations in my town and both are amazing places to sit and watch the world go by or meet with friends for a chat.

*At home:  Folgers, with a hint of sugar and a splash of milk or occasionally I'll try varieties from local roasters.

~Fall Clothes~

Boots with tall shafts, boots with mid shafts, booties!!  I'm a mess with the boots.
These aren't mine yet.  Just admiring them.

I'm loving the plaid and the flannel and layers.  I'm loving the denim and the stripes.  These are two of my current outfits.  The top outift is a mixture of Stitch Fix and Maurices.   The bottom outfit is Maurices, Van Heusen, and I can't remember where the flannel is from but it is the BEST!


~Cozy Reads~

*The Woman In Cabin Agatha Christie-style mystery thriller, pure reading entertainment

*Kitchens of the Great Midwest....the rich story of a woman and all the people and things that have molded her life.  It's gritty and parts of it are not pretty but that's life.

*Beard On Bread....I love food and people who love food and recipes for food and descriptions of food.

~Comfort Foods for September~

*Roast beef with golden potatoes and baby carrots, gravy, and fresh Parker House rolls

*French Dip sandwiches made with leftover roast beef

*Mexican Chicken Soup

*Fresh caught Tuna, potatoes, summer squash, garlic green beans

~Making Art~

Charcoal Sunflower

~Some things making me happy~

Feathering the nest with these new reclining loveseats...please tell me why we didn't do this sooner!!  Owning recliners does make me feel like we've reached some sort of age threshold.

~A Snapshot from today!~

This is what dragging yourself out of the house on a sleepy, rainy Saturday morning to go to Yoga looks like...

Then after yoga I swung by the Post Office to mail a package and an older gentleman commented on my hair.  You see, after yoga class I just piled my hair on the back of my head in a heap and secured it with a hair band, but this man thought it was so artistic and amazing and I should definitely get a picture of it so that I could see it.  Ha!  Ok.

Here you go, this is 38 years old and leopard print leggings and my teenage son's car and yoga hair.  You're welcome.

Then, after yoga, I went home and ate quinoa seaweed wraps. 

Just kidding, I ate two hot dogs.

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  1. Quinoa and seaweed. You are too funny.

    You be rocking those leopard leggins girl!!

    I just took two Facebook quizzes while waiting for Sully to finish some school-on a Saturday :-( Now I KNOW I am 100% OCD and a Intrapersonal((Whatever))

    It means~ (Self Smart): Intrapersonal -intelligent people are highly skilled at understanding themselves. You are introspective, independent, and self-motivated. You learn best by working alone and setting individual goals.

    Oh my. 2 minutes I'll never get back :-)