Tuesday, August 30, 2016


It is a gray day.  Clouds have hemmed in the sky and brought a distinct chill.  On this last Tuesday of August I am currently:


Beard on Bread by James Beard because what better way to usher in fall than with amazing bread recipes?!  And I so love a good cook book.

The Writing Warrior by Laraine Herring because I'm challenging myself to actually write and apparently that begins with more reading.


We've had a few evenings of playing Scattergories which I picked up at the thrift store.


I've just begun a month of planned meals.  Life had pulled me away from menu-planning for awhile and I felt it was time to bring it back.  So I drew up an easy plan (dinners only) with favorite foods and some yummy treats thrown in.  Back on the organized train and feeling good.


Today we're having the comfort food classic that my sister introduced me to after I had my first baby: Tater Tot Casserole.  I love putting ketchup on mine!  I'll also make some warm spiced apples to go with.  It's overcast and chilly here so this food is perfect.


San Pellegrino.  I love the blood-orange flavor best.


Getting back into the groove of chores and projects.  Today I weeded and ironed and pulled out some fall décor.


We have time for just one more family day trip before school starts.  We're going to take a ferry ride to an old military fort nearby and probably get rained on and maybe eat cheeseburgers and definitely do lots of exploring.


There is a lot on my mind as my eldest son steps into his senior year.  I've got a whole blog post written on the matter so stay tuned!


Grateful and free.  I took the summer off of work with plans to return with the start of school.  I'm so thankful to be able to extend that time off indefinitely at this point.  I'm looking forward to exploring some interests and being available to my family.


Yesterday was a Billie Holiday sort of day.  I've not decided what sort of day today is yet.


Pumpkin candles.  You know it!


For friendships.  I'm a terrible friend.  Really.  I never call.  I don't write letters well.  I'm not a lover of hospitality.  So yeah...terrible.  But despite me, there are still people that love me.  And I'm thankful that they are patient and persistent and gentle.  Even more, I count myself to be so amazingly blessed because these people that love me in spite of me are incredible human beings and I get to know them and they even let me into their hearts!

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