Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 36

Wherein I write about the time my husband went to Alaska on a commercial fishing boat...

I am currently:

Reading...  Monk, An Original Mystery Novel by Lee Goldberg

Watching...  4 seasons into a girlie show on Netflix with only 2 episodes left!  Can you say "binge watching"??

Trying...  to be artistic with watercolors.  T-r-y-i-n-g.  And making pretty things with markers and colored pencils.  The visual arts are, sadly, not my forte.

Cooking...  Not much cooking happening in my kitchen recently.

Eating...  Atrociously.  Things like Little Caesar's and Klondike Bars and popsicles which I try to balance out with lots of apples and baby carrots.

Drinking...  Water and coffee and water and coffee and water and coffee.

Doing...  I gave myself a full on mani-pedi today.  There was pink glitter involved.  There is often pink glitter involved.  I've also been experimenting a bit with my hair and makeup.  This is what a single girl has time for I guess. 

Here's a recent hair and makeup shot that I sent to my husband:

Going...  With much free time to fill I've done my share of bargain hunting, thrifting, and coffee shop sitting.  I've also taken myself to lunch more than once.  Actually, I did every one of those things today.

Today's lunch from The Lotus Tea Bar.  A chilled glass bottle of water and a sandwich called "The Dancer" (turkey, cream cheese, arugula, spinach, provolone, and blackberry spread).

Loving...  this dog.  My Charlie is so faithful, loyal, selfless, loving, patient, perceptive, and sweet.  In this picture he had spotted a seagull perched on a building while we were in the parking lot.  Maybe he was wondering how that white chicken got itself up there?

Thinking...  my eldest son and I are very similar.  We share much the same personalities and have a way of communicating with each other using only facial expressions.  When I first saw him, moments after he was born, my first thought was, "he has my eyes".  It was surreal at that moment to see a part of me in that tiny little creature. 

What do you think?

Hoping...  There is an unconfirmed date that my husband might be coming home.  I won't publish that because I don't want to get too excited in case it ends up being later.  But it's soon.
In case you didn't see the picture on Facebook, here he is, fishing in Alaska.  Sigh.  He's so handsome.

Listening...  My new-to-me car came with 3 months of satellite radio.  I've been taking full advantage of that since I learned how to work it.  Lots of  "Coffeehouse" and classic country and crooners.  The no commercials aspect is amazing.

Smelling...  It's beautiful here on Whidbey Island and my windows and doors are open most days.  The breeze is fresh and clean.  Not much rain so I've needed to water my garden.  One sunflower has bloomed.

Until next time!

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