Thursday, February 12, 2015


Adventure #1...   At the beginning of the year my husband left his job.   He worked for the company since before our kids were born.  We had great benefits.  Retirement package.  Security.  But the work was extremely physically demanding and only growing more so as the company changed and management focused on dollar signs rather than people.  He was tired of missing our son's football games because the boss wouldn't let him leave.  We desired to recapture our time and invest it how we saw fit.

My husband is now stepping into the world of real estate.  He's been working really hard over the past few months to gain the education needed for this line of work.  We have a great support system already.  I have every faith in my husband's abilities and am just so proud of everything he has accomplished already.

Adventure #2...  This is not really our adventure as much as our eldest son's.  Next week we will put our son on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona where he will compete in the Western Regional Finals for marksmanship in the NJROTC (Navy Junior Reserve Office Training Corp).  In April, we will put him on another plane to Utah for a competition.  In June, we will put him on another plane to Alabama where he will compete in NATIONALS.

We are hoping to join him in Alabama.  We aren't really the traveling type.  I have not been on a plane in 20 years.  I'm serious.  My husband has never flown.  Still serious.  And my boys have yet to fly.  So, we're due for some adventure. 

The team is doing a fundraiser on Go Fund Me.  They are raising money for airline tickets, hotel rooms, chaperones, rental cars, that kind of thing.  If you're able to help get these kids (my son included!) to Utah and Alabama, hop over to the website where you can donate securely.

Adventure #3...  I'm in the middle of registering our youngest son into the high school.  How does this happen?!  Right now he's still homeschooling (doing splendidly, might I add).  He's wrestling with the middle school and has his first match next week.

So, while life is one adventure after another, I just keep breathing.  I do things that are less adventurous like make homemade granola bars and drink green tea.  I practice head stands and watch my chickens, waiting for the next adventure.

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