Sunday, January 25, 2015

spray paint

Sometimes I come up with really great ideas.  Last year I had the idea that we ought to get some chickens.  How great would that be?!  We get some fluffy little chicks, slap together some sort of dwelling for them, and BOOM! we'd have eggs and it'd be awesome.  The thing is, my ideas usually end up with my husband doing the actual footwork for said great idea.  He drew up plans for a great coop, bought the materials, and put in hours and days of labor to get that coop constructed...because I had an idea.  Since then I've pulled my weight in the chicken department.  I brought the little fluff balls home and have kept them alive for nine months.  That takes work and dedication.
Like I said, I come up with great ideas.  Recently I dreamt up an idea (with the help of Pinterest) for our dining room light fixture.  It was some sort of silver, nondescript, bland.  And I knew that it'd look way better if it was TEAL!!  I ran it by my husband and he gave it the go ahead, so long as it wasn't sparkly pink.  The thing is, I had no idea how to remove the light fixture from the ceiling and it was pretty intricate and he's way better with a paint can than I am and well, could he just go ahead and do it for me?  Please?
And he did.  And it looks great.

One of my goals for this year was to finally do some decorating in our bedroom.  We've lived in this house for 18 months now and not once have I hung anything on the bedroom walls.  I still don't have curtains (other than the ugly venetian blinds that were there when we bought the place).  Still no curtains but I did do some decorating.  Baby steps over here.
Here's the before

Eight frames from the thrift store, some cans of paint, and a throw pillow later....

I just can't hardly wait till spring gets here so I can take this energy outside to that patch of ground that will become my garden expansion.  I want to get my hands dirty.  I'm saving seeds here and there and drawing plans for where I want to plant what, daydreaming of trellises and potato towers.  Until then, who knows what will end up teal next.


  1. I always feel like making home improvements this time of year!! I love what you did and how you wrote about your hubby having to help you out. I'm sure he doesn't mind. :)

  2. Love how you dressed up the room with the frames. Just a few more months and part of my living room will be a green house growing seedlings. :-) Our garden space is small, mainly tomatoes, but we enjoy it. Our two chickens got ate last year and the kids were devastated. They can't wait until we can get some chicks again. Maybe someday we will build our house and move to the farm.