Sunday, November 23, 2014


We went to a soiree.

Nobody there was quite sure what a soiree actually is.  But we were there.  Soiree-ing.

It was really rather posh as far as things go.  Especially when you're used to coffee dates at Home Depot.

Posh.  Like goat cheese and cucumber sandwiches.  Like lavender tea and fresh fruits.

And we talked.  To people.  Which is big in and of itself.

When we were finished soiree-ing we came home and I beat the expert level on Just Words and my night was made.  It doesn't take much.

And somehow, in these days that roll into each other, my fifteen year old son has decided to start sending me text messages that make him sound mature.  And I compare him to the in between state of Jekyll and Hyde.  One moment Jekyll.  One moment Hyde.  Mostly Jekyll.

But this is where we are.  Parenting a couple of really great teenage boys.  Hob-nobbing with folks at a soiree.

And in my day job I'm still a waitress, lest you think I'm getting too highfalutin.

Some mornings before I head off to work, I cook lentils for my chickens.  They love lentils.  And sometimes I mix in quinoa or rolled oats.  And they, in kind, lay some really great eggs.

This is a scene from our Friday night in, a little later we got down with a crazy game of Scrabble.  I know, you can barely keep up.  But that's how it goes with us.  ; )


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