Friday, November 14, 2014


My family walked into Ciao, a delightful Italian restaurant.  The owner greeted us with "Welcome home!".  A friendly hostess led us up the stairs to the loft area where we were seated right next to the railing.  Our server was a warm, pleasant woman (possibly the owner's wife?). 
 The menu consisted of things like spaghetti and meatballs, hand tossed and wood fired pizza, antipasto.  The boys each ordered a pepperoni pizza (thin crust with pecorino cheese).  My husband ordered shrimp scampi (the sauce was made to order and was so light and fresh tasting).  I had lasagna.  The special of the day was Hubbard squash lasagna which I would love to go back and try but I couldn't resist the lasagna made with local, grass fed beef. 
As we ate our dinner we reminisced of the little Italian place, Tino's, that we used to get calzones at, back when there were just two of us.  This place, Ciao, is like that.  The kind of place where the owner knows you by name and welcomes you in with a warm greeting, where you could stay all evening and enjoy the ambiance, and when you do leave the cooks call out from the open kitchen and wish you a good night.
The middle "picture" is actually a window.  Isn't that a great building across the street?

My lasagna.  I thought the presentation was perfect!

Thank you, Ciao, for surpassing our every expectation!

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  1. I read the title and thought "Oh, NO, she's gonna quit bloogging!"

    I'm glad you're not and that you had a nice treat.

    Love You!