Sunday, May 25, 2014


It was an invitation we could not resist.  An invitation to a teen outing down in Portland, Oregon.  My husband was asked to speak to the teens.  We were invited to join in on the fun.
The time away was refreshing.  Being in Oregon is always like being home to me.  I was born there.  My children were born there.  And it always makes me breathe a little easier just being there.  It's just HOME.  Of course, I've not lived there for 11 years now.
Anyway, the teen activity.  We all had a good time.  The boys got reacquainted with old friends and made new friends.  I got to visit a little bit with old friends.
Me and my Sandi taking a selfie.  Are selfies ever NOT awkward?
Going down the slide with Sandi and Isaiah.  If we look like we are moving quickly...we're not.
Before heading home we ventured to downtown Portland where to my delight and surprise there was a weekend market.  We were a bit early and most of the vendors were still setting up, preparing for a busy day.  The food vendors were prepping food.  The craftsman were carefully displaying their wares.  It was exciting.  It was also the BIGGEST open market I've ever seen.

We walked some side streets.  I loved the look of this little street. It was strung with lights and had a great European feel to it.

See that crazy long line of people?  There are waiting to get into the famous Voodoo Doughnuts.  There were other, happier people snapping pictures of themselves posing with the pink box after successfully getting through that crazy long line.  That is dedication, people.

Thank you, Portland for being amazing!  I will be back, with more sensible walking shoes and well rested teenagers that are not dragging behind me like bags of wet cement. 
The End.

P.S.  Thank you Elyse for taking care of the pups and chicks!  They said you were very nice.  Ok, not really.  But if they could talk I imagine that's what they'd say.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day! I hope you get to go again soon!!