Friday, June 26, 2015

what a week

The week draws to a close and I'm glad.  It was a busy week.  It was a tough week.  It was an exhausting week.  But it was also such a great week that now that we're here at the end I think, 'Wow! Thanks God, for all of this.'

Austin has been in Alabama all week with his rifle team, competing in the CMP Nationals.  He earned the 7th spot in the nation.  7th!!  Beyond that, his team earned the recognition of 1st in the nation.  I'm proud of my boy and the rest of the shooters on his team, and thankful for their great coach.

Blake spent the week at a wrestling camp and got to meet the college wrestling coach of the year, Ohio State's Tom Ryan.  I don't think he'll ever forget it.  While the man is a wealth of wrestling knowledge, he is also a Christian.  He impressed Blake in a way that I've not seen before.

Also this week, Aaron closed on his first sale as a real estate agent.  I'm so proud of him for how much he's learned.  This man, he amazes me.  He works two jobs, is very supportive of his sons, is patient and kind to me, strives to help others out in any way he can, takes care of finances at our church, leads singing in services, and still finds time to walk on the beach with me.  I love and admire him.

Last year a tiny little poppy plant sprung up in the least likely of places.  When the petals fell off I kept the pod, hoping to plant the little poppy seeds in the garden.  This year, when I planted the garden I opened up that little pod and it was empty!  Strangely enough, a plant that I didn't recognize began to grow elsewhere in the garden.  It grew and grew and grew and now stands over 3 feet tall!  Just yesterday a beautiful pink poppy opened up at the very top.  There are plenty more buds getting ready to open too!

This is the poppy I didn't plant in my garden but grew anyway.  I love it.  And I know that it's a gift from God.  He works that way sometimes. 

Have you ever seen the flowers that a potato plant produces?  They are delicate, similar to bleeding hearts but unique to themselves.  Here are the flowers from my potato tower:

I pretty much live this quote everyday:

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