Wednesday, December 31, 2014

there are no little things

As the year closes and a new year dawns, a person can't help but to reflect.  In many ways, it was a very productive year.  In many ways, it was not an easy year.  In many ways,  it was a time of growth and realization.

I stepped out of molds I had placed myself in.  I stepped into new adventures.  I recognized some weaknesses I possessed, and while acknowledging them, I moved on.

This was the year my youngest became a teenager.  This was the year I became a chicken momma.  This was the year we lost Silas.  This was the year I traveled back to my hometown with my eldest.  This was the year I reconnected with my yoga self.  This was the year I read a lot.  This was the year I found a strength within.  This was the year I fell in love with growing things. This was the year I recognized beauty in life and death.

On the precipice of a new year I reach for the things I gained in the old year, eager to carry them with me.  And at the same time I lay down those things that are better left behind.  I am thankful for my experiences and, with all the hope of a child, I look forward to new adventures in a new year.

A few of my goals:

1.  explore more writing
2.  count my blessings
3.  see the good
4.  say I love you
5.  take risks
My less poetic goals:
1.  finally decorate my bedroom
2.  keep a nature journal
3.  organize the garage shelves
4.  expand my garden
5.  read, read, read
Sometimes, when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think…there are no little things.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. A perfect *new-years resolution* kind of blog post, dear friend. Praying for the poetical AND practical of your new year, please pray for me as well. Thank you! ~Shan