Sunday, June 15, 2014

growing things

It's a horribly wonderful addiction, this idea of growing things.  This turning over soil, sowing seeds, and watching new life emerge.  I'm in the planning stages of garden expansion.  It is my desire to triple the size of my current garden by next spring.  Two-thirds of the garden will be used for growing food and medicinal herbs.  The other third will be devoted to flowers, I'm leaning toward wildflowers.  It's all intensely exciting!

Maybe only I will be interested in an inventory of what I'm growing so far, with current growth rate added, but I will proceed to record said inventory, for myself.

  • spaghetti squash - I started this in a large bucket and when the starts got too big I transferred 5 of them into the garden.  Two have been eaten beyond saving.  The other three are surviving despite the abuse.  Some of the starts were left in the bucket and they are thriving!  No flowers yet.
  • cucumbers - lots of little plants have sprouted up with three leaves each but the going is slow
  • lettuce - this stuff is hearty and resilient and we can't eat it fast enough.  I read that to keep the plants producing and from going to seed you have to keep harvesting.  I've been harvesting daily and the next day it's all back again.
  • carrots - the above ground proof of growth is there but I've not ventured to pull any out of the dirt.  I'm excited to see these carrots as they are heirloom variety and will be crazy colors.
  • peas - little white flowers are opening up, the vines are spindling upwards and outwards.  The tendrils latch on to anything, including the neighboring carrot-tops.
  • sunflowers - I've got 7 or so great plants.  The tallest are about 3 1/2 feet tall already.  The bottom set of leaves have wilted and browned.  I think this is normal?
  • zucchini - 2 plants.  Slow going.  It's neat how similar these are to the cucumber plants.
  • basil - started from seed.  Just transplanted to a pot outside.  It looks disheveled and sad but I'm hoping that the fresh soil and sunlight will bring it back to vibrancy.
  • mint - I have two varieties that I've had in pots for a couple years.  I like to use the leaves in tea.
  • potatoes - the tower that I built is really thriving.  The plants are large and verdant and healthy.  I'm excited to see them flower.
  • tomatoes - the seeds I planted did not take so I bought two starts.  Today I saw the first little yellow blossom!
  • lemon balm - my mother-in-law gave me a couple stem and root systems last week which I've planted.  They are taking hold and look like they'll do well. 
  • lavender - the seeds I planted in the front flowerbed in full sun back in April did nothing.  I bought more seeds and tried these in a pot out back where they'll receive more shade.
All I want to do is grow more, MORE, MORE.  It's so fulfilling and education and rewarding.  I've seriously learned so much through this process, always wondering, where has this been my entire life and why don't more people do it?!


  1. Gardening is hard work, but so rewarding. My mom has always had a big garden, even when us kids were growing. She must love it, because I myself have no patience for a big garden (I am ashamed to say). I admire anyone who does! Good job, my friend! I have a couple small rows of peas, a small row of radishes. I planted sunflowers which some animal dug up and ate seemingly as fast as I planted them. xo

  2. I have no place or time to garden but part of me really wishes that I did! Or that I was at least your neighbor, haha!